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KwikFixSkills sets out ideas to help you in your studies and your job. Our intention is to provide simple videos, downloads and other resources to make these ideas as clear and straightforward as we can. We are continuing to add new content in a way that keeps access free to users. However, creating content takes time and resources.

If you feel that you have benefitted from KwikFixSkills, please consider using one of the following methods to help support and sustain the site:

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Spread the word about KwikFixSkills using any of the social media links that you will find on the site.

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When you look at one of our videos or use our YouTube channel, it provides us with revenue through linked advertising.

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We are affiliated to suppliers of software and hardware mentioned at different places throughout the site. If you plan to buy anything that we describe, it will be very helpful if you could navigate to the supplier’s website using one of the affiliate links we provide.


If you have found anything particularly helpful, we would be grateful for a small donation to our funds via PayPal.