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Moving On

Don't burn your bridges


Moving to a new job does not mean severing links with your previous colleagues — you may even work them in the future.

When you leave an organisation, there is no point in creating bad relationships with people you are leaving behind. Be cautious about what you say to people and what you give away, because you have yet to discover what the future will bring.

When you do move on you may retain friends where you worked before — or you may be forgotten or cut out of previous friendship groups, not because people think you have betrayed them, but simply because you will have a lower priority in their own social sphere. This isn’t cause for anxiety. Life moves on.

If you are working in the same industrial or commercial sector, your new organisation may have opportunities that they cannot meet and, with the agreement of your new boss, it could be something that could be referred to your old colleagues. Such collaboration can be mutually beneficial to both organisations.

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