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Team Skills

Team members need to help each other in different ways


Becoming an effective team member will require you to develop the following team skills:

  • Collaboration —make sure you provide colleagues with the things they need when they need it.
  • Cooperation — respond to requests from colleagues to provide additional information or material to help them complete their tasks.
  • Context sensitivity — be aware of your colleagues’ situation and what they are currently trying to do so they can be supported or left undisturbed.
  • Support — step in and assist with aspects of a colleague’s job when they are pressured.
  • Delegation — enlist help from others to enable you to cope with demands placed on yourself when workload is high.
  • Mentoring — help your colleagues to develop new skills by providing coaching, instruction and mentoring when requested.
  • Communication — confirm completion of delegated tasks and acknowledge receipt of communications promptly in order to enable your colleague to progress their own work most effectively.

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