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Writing Great Reports

Writing professional reports is a key method of communicating ideas

Essays, reviews, evaluations, proposals, research papers and development reports all have to be written effectively to enable your reader to follow the argument and appreciate what you’re communicating. Failure to master satisfactory writing skills will be a drawback to your career or to your studies. Whether or not you are a natural writer, this is something you must try to deal with.

Unfortunately, many people fail to acquire these skills. They present ideas in a clumsy disorganised manner and can’t express themselves clearly. They know they have something worthwhile to say but if it cannot be communicated to the required audience, then this is to no avail.

Fortunately, there are some good ways to improve. Microsoft Word can help you to help organise your thoughts, edit your writing, and then produce professional reports for distribution.

It’s worth thinking of any writing as a project to think about systematically. Have a look at the six steps to take you through the whole process:

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