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Do things on time to make sure you deliver


Planned projects have a starting point, milestones for achieving intermediate targets, and a delivery date. All of the project activities take time and some things have to be done before others. Timelines set out activities against real-time to make much clearer what has to be achieved, and when.

Another benefit of using a timeline is that project activities along the timeline can be linked to non-project activities that have to be dealt with at the same time. A major cause of failure of projects is that the people responsible do not take into consideration all of their other commitments or their colleagues’ availability.

When several people work on project, each of them can be given their own timeline to include the project milestones they are responsible for, each with further assigned rows where their other commitments such as leave, courses, or other work activities can be recorded. Timelines are a very straightforward and useful method to identify these periods of work overload and unavailability. Timelines can, therefore, prompt the revision of timing of activities and milestones more realistically.

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