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Who Do We Think You Are?

You're probably like a lot of people who want to do a good job or get better grades



If you are a student, you are in an ideal position to learn new efficient ways of working to help you in your current studies to learn more quickly and get better grades. It will also enable you to present evidence of these work related skills to prospective employers, and apply them when you have secured a job.


Your students will prosper if you can get them to apply their knowledge and communicate their ideas more effectively.

There will also be many aspects of your own job where you can apply these skills yourself, including having to write reports, make assessments quickly and reliably, and manage your time effectively.


As a professional you’re paid to provide expertise. You also need to know how to deliver it in the most efficient way by communicating effectively, working alongside other people, and making and justifying decisions.

Your employer will provide some training and development. These are things your boss wants you to know. But there are lots of other ‘enabling’ skills that can help you work faster and more effectively.


You need to be clinical in matching your own experience to the requirements of an advertised job. There may be significant gaps in your skills and experience that you need to fill to demonstrate your potential. Often people don’t realise the range of jobs they could realistically consider or they may waste time pursuing something for which they will be unsuitable and in which they will be unhappy.

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