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Learning Software

Common software packages have some really important functions that most people don’t know about


Software companies keep pushing new ideas and issuing new versions of their software. But you don't need the latest software to make an impact; you just need to know a few things and how to use them properly – things that were there all along that you had overlooked or not appreciated.

We’re not on commission for Microsoft, but Microsoft Office is the most commonly available software package, and contains two excellent elements in WORD and EXCEL.

Knowing how to use the likes of WORD and EXCEL proficiently is an essential part of your professional armoury. Many of the methods we introduce use software functions that are very useful but which you may never have used before.


People often have to write reports to explain ideas and review information.If you can’t express yourself clearly in a written report, you will fail to convey the benefits of the work that you have done.

Most people claim to be able to use WORD, but often they just use it to type simple documents. WORD and other similar software can perform far more advanced functions, and it is important to understand how and why some of these functions can be used in order to work faster and more effectively.


Many people are perfectly content to admit to having no expertise in using EXCEL and some are even be proud of their lack of ability. But many jobs require collating, sorting and examining data, and then presenting it and using it to make decisions. EXCEL spreadsheets are immensely helpful in these areas and without them some of tasks would take forever. It is also necessary to interpret spreadsheets provided by work colleagues and clients, so you need to know what you’re looking at.

Other Software

WORD and EXCEL are the main bits of software we will deal with because they are so versatile. But we will also point out several other bits of software that can be helpful.

You don’t have to know everything about these packages, but there are some things you really ought to know. We’ll focus on the most useful functions so that you can be more confident to try things for yourself.

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