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Mind Maps

Thrash out the ideas


Making progress on a project is helped if you can identify things that might influence and hinder progress. There are also things you need to take into account to do a proper job. Often, things that can influence progress are overlooked at the start and come as a surprise — yet, looking back you wondered why you never took notice of them earlier. And at the end, just as you are completing your report, you suddenly realise there are things you overlooked.

You can often minimise oversights by using a technique such as a mind map to help identify factors to be considered and factors that will influence progress. Mind maps are pretty commonplace and are sometimes have different names.

There are several apps to assist in the production of mind maps. But one of the great things about mind maps is that they can be jotted down informally on bits of paper, and then transferred to something more formal later on. A benefit of this informality is that people can sit around a flip chart or whiteboard and chip in ideas. Then they can easily discard them or modify them as their ideas become clearer. Everybody has contributed, so everybody can feel their sharing the same insights not committed to the same project.

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