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Love them or hate them, you sometimes have to do them


Universities and Colleges regard exams as a suitable method of measuring knowledge and understanding. They are comparatively easy to run, and can be administered to a group under the same conditions so the results are assumed to be fair.

Exams are also useful to prospective employers. Many job advertisements attract too many applicants so weeding out those with poorer qualifications and poorer exam results is a simple and straightforward method.

We could spend time discussing whether exams are a fair reflection of what a person is capable of, but it is more constructive to accept that exams are inevitable. So your main concern is to work out how best to improve your examination skills to make the very best of your time in an exam.

KwikFixSkills have developed a 7-step guide to taking control and performing well in exams. Learn how to:

  • Create an exam action plan
  • Focus your revision
  • Manage your time during the exam
  • Attain the most marks in the time available

Visit the downloads section to download our free PDF guide – 7 Steps to Exam Success.

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