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Organise Your Report

Make sure your report tells a clear story for your reader

An essential element of any report is how it is organised. Good organisation ensures a coherent structure that develops your argument and provides an appropriate level of detail.

Your argument must be presented clearly and be easy for people to read. People reading reports do not want a hard time – they want to understand what you are communicating without it being obscured by irrelevant content or complicated explanation. Busy managers and clients just need to know what you are arguing and what evidence you are presenting to support your argument. The same applies to tutors and examiners marking essays.

Word has a really effective facility to help you organise you report – the outline view. Not only will it help you to structure a coherent argument, it will also let you take advantage of other features in Word, including powerful formatting and preparing tables of contents.

Check out our video Using Outlines in Word to help organise your report.

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