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Deliver effective presentations to groups and individuals


Presentations are a popular way to communicate with groups or individuals because it is often assumed that they are easy to prepare and easy for the audience.

For the audience this is true. They just turn up, have some tea or coffee and biscuits, then sit down and wait to be impressed. For the presenter this is often not the case. The argument has to be carefully honed and presentation materials have to be carefully prepared. The presentation has to be focused and informative, and it all has to be packed into the allotted time.

Presentations have the added benefit of enabling content to be digested and discussed between members of the audience. They are a good way of communicating to a group with a shared interest in the topic and who can take the opportunity to give feedback, seek clarification, and discuss implications.

Presentations in the form of lectures or talks are also used extensively in academic or professional conferences. Usually there will be presentations given by different people — this means sticking to a timetable. When you are the only presenter, your main concern about timing is to stop boring the audience. When you are one of several presenters you are pressured to keep your argument to the time that you have been allocated.

The people who may be interested in a particular presentation may be spread across the world and may not be able to attend. However, computer technology now makes it easier to present at distances, either by live webinars, or by presentations that can be viewed individually.

Stay tuned for updates on our forthcoming video – 10 Steps to Effective Presentations.

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