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Companies look for employable people who will be an asset and add value


Employability is a huge concern for everyone. People seeking employment must show they have appropriate experience, have worked effectively in the past, and can adapt quickly to new situations.

Companies train and develop the people they employ, but they don’t teach them everything. You have to bring something to the job as well. Then you will be given opportunities leading to promotion and other benefits. Many of the things that aren’t taught formally are the ‘enabling skills’ that help you to work more efficiently and effectively.

Schools and colleges increasingly emphasise that their courses will make students employable. And students will want to follow courses that are of benefit to them in obtaining interesting and well-paid jobs. Employability is now a big selling point in education. However, educational qualifications on their own, or the experience that a school or college provides, will not set you up for life.

Students who can develop a constructive approach to how they work while they are still students will get ahead of the game. They will present themselves more effectively to prospective employers and they will be able to take proper advantage of the opportunities that a new job presents to them.

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