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Features of Jobs

Think about how your job is organised


To make the most of present job opportunities and improve future prospects, you should think about how your job is organised.

  • What is its purpose and what does it contribute to the organisation?
  • What do your colleagues do and how do you relate to them?
  • What does your manager expect of you?
  • What are your manager’s and colleagues’ own ambitions and expectations?
  • How can your team work better and how can you influence things?

When you start in a job you do what you are told and try to look busy. Pay attention and you will soon realise what’s important and who is important in helping you to get your work done.

Think about:

  • What is expected of you?
  • What if you fall short of expectations?
  • How does your job add value to your employer?
  • What constraints are there and how do these affect your job?
  • Do you experience pressures to exceed your contract, work longer hours and violate standards, rules and even laws?
  • Do you find some colleagues are helpful and other are not?

Doing your job is not just about what it says in your job description. You also have to find out:

  • How you contribute to the organisation more generally.
  • How you work with other people.
  • Who you need to cultivate to get things done.
  • When you can act on your own initiative and when you can’t.
  • How you respond to opportunities to promote your own case for advancement — indeed, how to survive and prosper.

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