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Similarities & Differences

What you learn in one organisation can often be applied to another


Organisations have different structures, technologies, markets and culture. But this doesn’t mean what you learn in one situation is inappropriate to another.

Once you have learned about how business is structured and how people work together, you can often apply this knowledge to other contexts. You may move from a more supportive environment to a less supportive environment or, vice versa. Whatever the similarities and differences, experience gained in one work place has immense value in understanding another work context. You just need to look carefully for links.

The strategies that were successful in a previous organisation may not work so well in a new organisation. You will have to adapt steadily to a new work situation, but you will have experience of having done this before and such experience is invaluable.

In particular, you will find the enabling skills that you have developed in previous organisations will apply to the new organisation, possibly with some modification. These are similarities you can look for and exploit.

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