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Explore and handle data with confidence


Spreadsheets offer a great way of handling data. They enable data to be sorted, calculations to be made easily and efficiently, and information to be presented. Spreadsheets can be used for straightforward, day-to-day data handling or they can be used for more ambitious projects.

Some people lack sufficient understanding of data and may resort to bluffing or waffling when pressed into discussion. But getting to grips with the basics of spreadsheets can encourage systematic ways of looking at data. They are also useful for applying straightforward statistical methods, and creating tables and figures to be used in reports. All of these things will give you greater confidence in handling data.

Basic competence with spreadsheets is becoming an important attribute in decision-making. Modern spreadsheets are well designed and can easily be put to good use by most people.

The videos below explain some basic functions in EXCEL.

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